Disability Income Insurance
Disability Insurance is based from your job classification, current age, and condition of health, and also your income.  Disability would pay out 60 – 66 percent of your average income.  You can pick how long you want the policy to last (2, 4, 5, years or until age 65, etc.)  For more information For a quote please call Chris Rose at 931-684-3323 or email at  crose@hbcowan.com.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do they base your premium from what your job classification is?
  Yes, it is based on what you do for a living.
Can I buy whatever amount of benefit I want?
  No, but you can buy less that what your income is.
Why should I buy Disability income?
  To help compensate for lost income if you should become sick or hurt and unable to work.
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