Personal Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
The biggest asset for most people is their home. Lose that, and you will likely lose a big part, if not most, of your net worth. Even if you don’t own, but rent, you can still easily lose all your belongings in a sudden fire or other disaster. That’s where homeowners and renters insurance comes into play.

Homeowners insurance will protect your property. Homeowners insurance will not only cover a home structure, it can cover the contents as well. Of course, all of this depends on how much coverage you purchase and whether you have any add-ons, known as endorsements, attached to your policy for extra coverage or protection of special or valuable items.
Automobile Insurance
Your car is likely one of the most expensive things you own. Insurance protects your investment and guarantees you a way of coping with the expense of accidents, vandalism or theft. It also secures your financial responsibility to the institution lending you money to buy your vehicle.

When you drive you are responsible for the safety of your passengers, your fellow drivers, other people's property, pedestrians and yourself. Insurance helps ensure your ability to cover the costs of potential damages or injuries. You are also required to be financially responsible by state laws, which are best satisfied through your insurance coverage.
Recreational Vehicles
Boats, jet skis, ATVs and recreational vehicles are exciting modes of transportation. They provide a great means of escape on weekends and vacations, but ownership of these vehicles creates the need for special insurance to protect you, your passengers and others.

While all recreational vehicles can be protected by the same basic coverages, each one has its own special requirements and restrictions.

At a minimum, boats, jet skis, ATVs and recreational vehicles need "liability" and "comprehensive" insurance coverage. Liability protects you if your vehicle injures someone or damages someone else's property, and comprehensive insurance protects your property in case of vandalism, damage or destruction caused by theft or fire. Depending on the age and value of your investment, you may want to purchase collision insurance, which provides coverage for damage you cause to your own property.
Umbrella Insurance
Is your financial security at risk?  

Would your liability insurance you currently have in place through your automobile, homeowners, or other personal insurance policies be enough to cover you in the event of a huge loss?  Possibly not, considering the size and frequency of lawsuits have increased dramatically over the past few decades.  You could be at risk of losing everything you have worked so hard for over the years - your home, cars, and even your future income!  But if you have a Personal Umbrella Policy you can rest easy knowing that you are covered for an additional limit of $1,000,000 or more!
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